The DEX Made       by Humans for Humans

  The DEX Made         by Humans for Humans

Swap, farm, stake and win crypto all in one decentralized crypto trading protocol.

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The Most Community-Owned DEX

StepEx will run an ultra-fair Lockdrop. The program will give the circulating supply of StepEx tokens (STEX) to community members who will lock liquidity.

Upcoming projects

  Easiest Farms

Step Protocol is made for the masses. StepEx aligns with this by providing the most human-friendly liquidity farms.

  Great Analytics

To make trading simple, easy, and fair for everyone, StepEx provides deep analytics in easy formats.

  Composa ble

To give users exponential benefits within the Step ecosystem, StepEx pools and farms work as a DeFi lego.

  Easy Leverage

Trade like a whale with the easiest and quickest DeFi leverage.

 Deep Inclusivity
 for an Ever-Expanding Global Community

StepEx launch is fair and inclusive

The circulation is available to any early adopter, who can be holders of nearly any asset.

There are no VCs

The unique launch mechanism favors believers, not whales.

the process is made for humans

This DeFi launch model is the most advanced, yet in true Step ecosystem style: the process is made for humans, and so available in a few easy clicks.


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